Why You Should Consider Getting an AC Unit in Clearwater FL

Jul 20, 2021 Uncategorized

Summer is in its final stretch. If you can’t stand the heat and humidity, it might be time to consider buying an air conditioning unit for your home.

  1. Energy Savings: A/Cs use less electricity than electric fans or even central air systems because they work best by cooling down a single room at a time. Central air uses more electricity because it must cool down your entire home.
  2. Cooler D├ęcor: An AC unit is a bulky appliance, not an interior design statement. You can put up curtains or other window dressings to make the eyesore more bearable.
  3. Keep Up Appearances: Nobody wants to take buyers on a tour of a home where the windows are open and a fan is blowing. An AC unit makes your home look occupied, which is good for buyers.
  4. Future Resale Value: You may not be ready to move on from your current home, but when you do sell, it will add value to have an AC unit installed in all your rooms.
  5. Peace: Nothing is more frustrating than cooking and trying to live a normal life in 100+ degrees heat and humidity.

So there you go. You’ve got five reasons why buying an AC unit will make your summer that much easier, plus it gives you peace of mind knowing your next home will be air-conditioned as well!

Choosing The Best AC Installation Contractor

Air-condition installation is an important choice to make when one decides to move into a new home. The way the air conditioner works in your home depends on several factors including; how big is it, where do you want to install it and what kind of air conditioner do you want. You will need to get this installed before the summer season starts, if at all possible.

But, how are you going to find the best air conditioner, installation contractor? The internet is an excellent place to start looking for one. You can search there on some of your favorite search engines or directories. Business directories are probably the best place to start your search. You can look for nearby air conditioning companies and just ask them if they could come and do an installation project for you. If they don’t, then you can try and approach their competitors instead.

An AC installation company that provides more on AC installation and premium products and services means, you can rely on them to meet all your cooling needs and budget requirements. They offer a complete line of new and used equipment, parts, and supplies for both home and business comfort solutions.

Keeping Your AC System In Good Condition

Did you know that not maintaining your central AC unit can lead to a large amount of stress and even be bad for your health? If you live in an area with hot or humid temperatures, it is very important that you keep up with the maintenance of your air conditioning system.

One way to avoid problems such as mold and the like is to take good care of your AC system. You can do this by routinely checking it for problems, having a professional clean and tune up the unit at least once a year, and by making sure to change the air filter as needed.

The Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist. The following is a checklist for you to follow in order to keep your AC system in good condition:

  1. Check for water leaks under the unit.
  2. A professional should inspect and tune-up your air conditioning unit on a yearly basis.
  3. Have a professional check that you have enough freon in the ac system. Do this at least once a year or as needed.
  4. Clean the coils located at the back of your unit.
  5. Check to see if there are any damaged belts, worn pulleys, or anything else that might need repair work done on it.
  6. Check for loose electrical connections, corroded parts, and faulty switches or thermostats